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Year in Review - 10 Most Read Articles of 2020

We picked the 10 most read articles this year. Read on!

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We picked the 10 most read articles this year. Read on!

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2020 has been a tough year for many without a doubt. However, there are people who rose above the challenges and made lemonade out of lemons. Our blog has always been about inspiring and providing career advice to help prepare you for the next great opportunity, and in 2020 we published over 260 articles for you.

We picked the 10 most read articles this year. Read on!

#10. Self-taught Author Catherine Wanjiru on overcoming self-doubt

Catherine is a self-taught author who has published her first book “Layers of a human”. In the interview she reveals how she became an author while pursuing BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She got positive reviews for her work from her friends which gave her the impetus to go into writing full time.

In the interview she reveals how she fought against self-doubt to become a skillful author. She also cites that it was a huge challenge convincing clients that she can work on their writing projects despite the fact that she never studied journalism. Read more here about her journey and why she wrote her book.

#9. Becoming the boss: How I became a professional CrossFit Trainer - Shiv Simani

Charting a career path in a country that doesn’t reward extra-curricular professions as much as it does the traditional ones, can be a daunting task. It took courage and determination for Shiv Simani, a CrossFit Level 1 trainer to make it in the fitness field.

He shares about how he began. Initially, he wanted to venture into studying Sports abroad but that wasn’t possible. Therefore, he studied Hotel Management in the United States International University. He however weaved his way into fitness and he shares how it has been for him. Read more here.

#8. How I got a job without having any work experience - Joseline’s story

Every young jobseeker always meets one hurdle that is so hard to overcome. Work experience. Joseline Tumukunde found herself in the same situation after applying for countless jobs. She got locked out of many for her lack of work experience.

Luck knocked on her door when her friend introduced her to the Jumia’s JForce program. She shares how the sales program allowed her to grow her sales skills. The JForce program also helped her earn enough income to support herself during the pandemic. Read more here.

#7. What and why you should research about the company you are joining

When you get an offer letter to join a certain company, it evokes a mix of emotions. On one hand you are excited to get a new job while on the other hand you don’t know whether you will be able to settle seamlessly in your new role and live up to the expectations of your employer.

Catherin points job seekers to the various aspects that they should look into before joining a new organization. She says that you should look at the company’s clients, size of the company, choice of candidates, company reputation and more. Read more here.

#6. Meet the women at Fuzu making things work #IWD2020

Fuzu has grown in leaps and bounds over the 6 years it has been in operation. We recently celebrated the 1,000,000 users mark and a lot of credit goes to the Fuzu team. There are amazing ladies in the team who work tirelessly to keep the engine running and growing.

As we celebrated 2020’s International Women’s Day, we shed a spotlight on the phenomenal women that work behind the scenes to ensure that Fuzu offers the best services to its clients. These 13 ladies share the motivation behind their work, where they get their drive from and a quote that inspires them most. Read more here.

#5. These 6 qualities will get you hired

Standing out among many jobseekers when jobs are so rare to find is no mean feat. You need to have key desirable qualities that leave employers rushing to add you to their team. 

These will market you as a talented worker that employers need. Read more here.

#4. How to overcome career stagnation

There are many people who have complained about not progressing in their career. Being in one position doing the same thing repeatedly for a long time can become mundane and increasingly daunting.

We demystify what causes career stagnation and advise how you can experience growth and progression in your career. Read more here.

#3. Maureen Mutai: championing change through advocacy.

Rising to the top to represent Kenya in the United Nations General Assembly Youth delegation was not an easy task neither was it a story of instant success. Maureen had built her career in the entertainment industry, specializing in events and handling high profile guests. Maureen’s story and rise gets more intriguing when you realize that she studied Broadcast journalism.

She shares her journey of ups and downs and her passion for the Kenyan youth. Currently, she serves as the Focal Point on youth at the Council of Governors. She gives more information about her current role and agendas for the Kenyan youth. Read more here.

#2. Writing a great resume that will get you hired

It is said that an employer meets your CV before they meet you. Therefore, it is vital to have a very compact, articulate and well-written resume that can land you an interview. 

This article summarizes the traits of a good CV and what employers are looking for. There are important tips and keys that you should pay attention to in a CV. Find out what makes a winning CV here.

#1. World after Covid – impact of COVID-19 crisis on the job market

The job market was severely affected by COVID-19. Organizations started laying off employees while sending others on unpaid leave. We conducted a research to investigate which industries were affected and the scale. 

In the report there is a detailed summary of which industries and careers were hardest hit by the pandemic. Ironically, there are industries and professions which thrived and saw little change even as business slowed down. For example, the government and NGOs kept thriving and even hiring new people while the hotel and travel industry suffered the most. Read more here.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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