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Deputy Executive Director/Head Of Basin Wide Program & WRM

Nile Basin Initiative
Entebbe, Uganda

Salary rangeConfidential | Contract type: Fixed term

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Job Summary

The position of Deputy Executive Director/Head of Basin Wide Program & Water Resources Management program sub-component in the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat is an Executive portfolio. The main purpose of this job is to coordinate projects and programmes to ensure continuous, sustainable, effective and efficient implementation to enhance the development of the Basin as an engine of development in realization of its shared vision for the Nile Basin. The DED will ensure that NBI Objectives and actions are constantly aligned to Global and regional agreements /conventions to which member countries are signatories. The DED will also lead resource mobilization efforts for Nile Sec programs.
Provide leadership in strategic planning, water policy and water resource management functions of the NBI. Guide the participatory and sustainable development of the Nile Basin through provision of strategic analysis and strategic planning services, participatory policy formulation, sound planning for sustainable and equitable development of water and related natural resources, and rigorous management of Nile Basin Initiative programs.


Support to NBI Governance and Cooperation Platform
• Assist the Executive Director in providing technical support to the Nile Council of Ministers and take appropriate follow-up actions as decided/directed by the NILE-COM;
• Provide guidance to ensure that NBI governance, stakeholders and partners are timely informed of NBI Secretariat’s work programs and achievements;   
• Assist the Executive Director in providing leadership, technical supervision and management of the NBI Secretariat’s operation in accordance with the plans and policies approved by the Nile-COM/Nile-TAC;
• Oversee collaboration   with the National Focal Points in the Partner States for coordinated implementation of projects and programmes;
• Assist the Executive Director in supporting the process for the moving from transitional to a permanent institutional setup for the Nile Basin cooperation.
• Initiate, plan and oversee the organization of the regional science – policy dialogue forums;
• Analyse periodic communications/reports from NBI member states’ institutions on issues relating to the management of the Basin as per applying NBI policies and guidelines;
Basin-Wide Program Implementation:
• Deputize the Executive Director in providing overall leadership, operational and strategic oversight in the implementation of the NBI basin-wide program;
• Assist the Executive Director in realizing the goals and objectives of the NBI 10 year strategy and the NBI Secretariat five year Basin Wide Program;
• Lead the Water Resources Management program component of the Nile Sec providing technical leadership and operational management of the day to day implementation of the program component (as per the specific Job Description on this);
• Ensure overall seamless integration of program areas, consistencies, synergies and quality in implementation of the Nile Sec work program;
• Monitor the progress of basin-wide program implementation adhering to the established M and E framework; identify challenges, risks and opportunities and propose commensurate strategies for addressing challenges, managing the risks and making use of the opportunities for expediting implementation of the basin-wide program;
• Provide technical leadership and supervision in the development and implementation of systems for monitoring, evaluation and compliance with agreed policies and actions with the NBI governance and partner states;
• Assist the Executive Director in building synergy between the basin-wide program and the sub-basin level programs implemented by ENTRO and NELSAP-CU; advise the Executive Director in addressing relevant emerging challenges and identifying and leveraging opportunities.
• Guide identification and development of new projects and programmes, as strategic initiatives within the NBI mandate;
• In collaboration with relevant staff of the Nile Sec and other NBI centres and National NBI Desk Officers, organize the regional and national Nile Day celebrations;
Strategic and Development Communication
• Supervise and coordinate work of the Nile-sec communication team to ensure timely, effective and target oriented communication of Nile Sec results through diverse communication outlets and formats; and communication support to key Nile Sec events ;
• Supervise the preparation of corporate communication (e.g. corporate report) and other communication materials;
• Oversee the preparation and dissemination of strategic communication materials by the Nile Sec communication team for raising the visibility of NBI in general and the Nile Sec in particular; reaching out to diverse spectrum of NBI stakeholders and development partners to enhance understating and buy in to the NBI and its work programs; address any miss-conceptions about NBI;
Planning and Resource Mobilization
• Provide leadership and programmatic guidance in the preparation of strategic plans and annual work plans and budget
• Support capacity building, institutional development and research priorities are mainstreamed in the Nile Sec work programs;
• Collaborate with other NBI centres in formulation and implementation of annual work plans and budget;
• Initiate and lead the development of new proposals for resource mobilization for the NBI basin-wide program;
• Monitor resource mobilization and utilization progress of the Nile-Sec, identify any possible challenges/hurdles and provide advice to the Executive Director and/or to the NBI governance on ways for addressing them;
• Provide leadership in maintaining productive working relationship and liaison with development partners;
• Ensure timely reports are provided to development partners in accordance with agreed reporting plans;
Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary.
Job Complexity: The jobholder facilitates Basin State cooperation to ensure all-inclusiveness through the different institutions; manages the Nile Basin Water resources and ensures equitable use of shared Nile Basin Water resources among all Basin States. S/he is also in charge of resource mobilization and is mandated to liaise with NBI member stats on issues of establishing the permanent institutional setup for the Nile Basin cooperation.
Creativity, Innovation & Problem Solving: The job holder is charged with informing policy to balance existing water use and potential water use to ensure equitable and reasonable use, and prevention of harm to other basin States through their knowledge of international water resource management. S/he must build capacity of the basin States to understand their rights and obligations, help with conflict resolution and prepare programs that will attract donor funding.
Consequences of Error: The jobholder’s work requires careful development of appropriate NBI structure with well-designed reporting lines to ensure the mandate of NBI is achieved. Errors of judgement in decision making could cause extensive damage/injury to the organization and or its image
Leadership & Human Capital Development: As the executive director the jobholder is responsible for providing executive and representative roles in carrying out the functions of the Nile Secretariat and delegates powers to heads of departments through annual work plans and set targets.
Service Delivery & Customer Focus: The jobholder is in charge of an inter-governmental organization established by member states and deals with numerous internal and external stakeholders to facilitate cooperation and provide analytical tools for water resource management and planning for development.
Information Resources: The jobholder is the custodian of the governance minutes for both TAC and COM and has the responsibility to ensure safe custody of contracts for goods and services, employee contracts, financial agreements with development partners.
Financial & Physical Resources: The jobholder ensures prudent use of financial resources, its accountability, and transparency and ensures adherence to the budgetary provisions. S/he is responsible for various organizational assets given to him to facilitate him/ her in performance of the duties as required by the office of the executive director.
Dexterity: The jobholder requires computer typing skills to work on reports as well as use of her/his hands for signing various important documents, contracts and reports.
Mental/Sensory Demand: The jobholder expends mental and sensory efforts in report writing, financial analysis, project proposals and analysis, resource mobilization and supervision skills.
Physical Exertion: The jobholder will normally work in an office but frequently moves out and interacts physically with various stakeholders in meetings across the basin States. S/he sometimes sits long hours on the computer to write reports, or make presentations. These cause physical exertion 
Working Environment & Occupational Hazards: The jobholder works in an office environment. The job may be stressful because of the weight of responsibilities bestowed upon the holder and expectations from various stakeholders. The job requires a lot of effort to meet different countries expectations in terms of benefit of cooperation.

Job Requirements

Required education: Post-graduate education
Required relevant work experience: 10 years
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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