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Clearing & Forward Manager

Mombasa, Kenya

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Clearing & Forward Manager

Closing: Nov 27, 2023

This position has expired

Published: Nov 20, 2023 (16 days ago)

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  • Ideally 10 years in freight forwarding + 5 years in a managerial role
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Team Player
  • Excellent Communication
  • Self-Starter
  • Problem Solver
  • Pro-Active
  • Ability to drive a team to a common goal making

  • Ideally 10 years in freight forwarding + 5 years in a managerial role
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Team Player
  • Excellent Communication
  • Self-Starter
  • Problem Solver
  • Pro-Active
  • Ability to drive a team to a common goal making

1. Manage the team
  • Inform N-1 of the entity strategy/changes in business targets
  • Set goals in terms of budget targets, quality of service & costs control
  • Assess the performance of N-1 via clear objectives
  • Build and review structure and talent regularly in the organization, including the HODs & COMs
  • Define SOPs in collaboration with HODs & COMs
  • With the support of the QHSE department review quality within operations
  • Setup an induction program for newcomers in collaboration with HR
  • Apply for leave management policy
  • Organize recruitment (after validation by the BM) in collaboration with the HR department and interview/select potential staff
2. Monitor the Quality of Service
  • Responsible for the Quality of Service goals under Warehousing, SF departments
  • Achieve agreed KPI T/T along Northern Corridor to ensure that KPIs are in line with customer expectations
  • Ensure all transit imports and exports operations are according to AGL best practices and SOPs
  • Drive growth of the business, develop new solutions, and capture new clients
  • Validate/ Support Sales department actions for specific quotations (technical validation & tariff)
  • Support the Sales department when clients' presentation
  • Responsible for overall administrative functions of the Warehousing and SF departments
  • Ensure the departments are in compliance with statutory requirements
  • Determine and meet resource requirements including labor, equipment, and investments in order to achieve the organization's goals
  • Establish and sustain relations with strategic partners including KPA, KRA, and other department agencies
3. Manage Operational Relationships with Subcontractors
  • In charge of operational relationships with selected subcontractors including transport tariff
  • Organize and follow the quality of service delivered by the subcontractors & provide corresponding feedback to Branch Manager
  • Ensure the balance in terms of workload between subcontractors
  • Prepare and communicate a weekly/monthly report to the Head of the Business unit regarding the performance of the department and the outlook for coming months, taking into account market forces (customers, competitors...)
  • Represent the company in local professional associations
  • Approve the selection of suppliers (and the offers) based on the leads provided by the team
  • Maintain good relationships with suppliers & take appropriate action to improve performance
  • Control / Monitor the quality of service provided by the suppliers at the branch/country level
4. Annual Budget and profitability for each department
  • Prepare annual budget in terms of Volume and Gross Margin for the Warehouse and SF departments
  • Prepare quarterly and monthly reports including KPIs, Volume, and Gross Margin Analysis
  • Review and analyze disbursements + involvement in disbursement control committee (request arbitration's or decision validation concerning files in anomaly)
5. Control & Risk Management
  • Overall responsibility for container flow for all transit operations with particular attention to demurrage risk management
  • Arbitrate and validate files with anomalies, in collaboration with the Branch Manager & HODs
  • Ensure the risk control framework (process, team, training…) is in place
  • Implement all actions to ensure minimal demurrage and detention exposure
  • Implement all actions to ensure minimal disbursement exposure (compliance classification procedures, application of proper billing, and expenses posting to the files...) and manage the risk (focus on debit).
  • Check the proper application of the operational procedures of inventory management (monthly sign the stocks disputes with clients) and generally take all necessary measures to minimize stock risk exposure.
  • Assist the customer disputes process in coordination with the different departments (Legal, Insurance) and implement actions to neutralize the repetition of causes
  • Identify critical customers (cargo nature, volumes, financial position, key account...) and put in place the conditions for specific operations monitoring as appropriate
  • Collect the information relating to risks Operation (including customs issues) and provide a monthly summary to the Head of Business units / (alert when major risks, including the Country Management )
  • Share information on the activity, the socio-economic environment, and the political context
6. Alert/Inform Management
  • Implement specific organization/control on major potential risks and perform a monthly follow-up at least in collaboration with BM/HODs
  • Alert management in case of significant operational issues (huge impact on quality of service, on invoicing, on sensitive clients or files…)
  • Inform their manager of any information relevant to our business activity or environment
  • Identify issues raised during operations processing whatever is in his scope or not

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