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Cleaner And Messenger

Closing: Aug 24, 2022

12 days remaining

Published: Jul 27, 2022 (16 days ago)

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Human Power Global Kenya Ltd is the leading recruitment agency in Kenya dedicated in promoting people's lives with employment opportunities.

Human Power Global Kenya Ltd is the leading recruitment agency in Kenya dedicated in promoting people's lives with employment opportunities.

A. Provides efficient messenger services focusing on achievement of the following results:

✓ Collection and delivery of mail and other materials as required from and to the post office, government agencies and other institutions;

✓ Sorting, delivery and pick up of mail from various offices on the premises at regular intervals. Maintenance of records as required;

✓ Packaging packing of material received for dispatch; labeling, inserting material in envelopes and franking outgoing mail;

✓ Photocopying and duplicating services and stapling of documents and paper as requested;

✓ Ensuring that tea, water and refreshments are served and provided to the management staff and official meetings as requested;

✓ Assist in the loading, unloading and movement of furniture, equipment and cargo office supplies;

✓ Perform Variety of unskilled tasks as helper and messenger;

✓ Does shopping for the office.

✓ Remain flexible and work additional hours when required;

✓ Remaining friendly and helpful as you conduct your duties.

✓ Other duties as required.

✓ cooperate with anything the employer does to comply with HPG Kenya requirements

✓ not 'intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse' anything provided at the workplace.

B. Provides efficient organization and cleaning services

✓ Keeping clean the offices, kitchen, corridors, toilets, and workshop venue and the office environment at all the times;

✓ Paying attention and ensuring hygienic standard of sanitary facilities at all the times;

✓ Keeps office room floors, surfaces, furniture, walls, doors, windows, carpets clean and hygienic;

✓ Empty and clean bins.

✓ Clean the toilets and to put in the toilets the toilet rolls, soaps, washing liquid and towel when required; Arrange to disinfect the toilet facilities when required.

✓ Report on the stock status of toilet rolls, soaps, washing liquid etc.; Keep an inventory of cleaning supplies and orders new materials as needed

✓ Maintaining the organization of paper, documents, and clean desks and offices;

✓ Supporting office hospitality in the presence of guests;

✓ Maintaining cleanliness of the entrance and all HPG Kenya floors

✓ Ensure that all doors and windows are properly closed / locked

✓ Ensuring that office machines, air conditioners, lights, etc., are turned off after working hours.

✓ Notify management of occurring deficiencies or needs for repairs


✓ Maintain positive attitude in the workplace

✓ Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

✓ Excellent interpersonal skills

✓ Basic Computer Skills

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