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Legal jobs in Kenya


Laws affect every element of society and lawyers for the backbone of the legal system. Lawyers must be accountable and live up to a strict ethical code.

Legal jobs include lawyers who act as advocates and advisors. As advocates, lawyers use evidence to defend clients at criminal and civil trials. Lawyers conduct legal research and apply the law to the circumstances of their clients. They also act as advisors by advising their clients about their rights and suggest strategies to deal with legal problems.

An attorney's specialization will determine his or her job responsibilities. All advocates are licensed to defend their clients in court, there are many legal specialties, including international, environmental, conveyancing, probate, and business law. For example, lawyers specializing in intellectual property defend clients in intellectual property disputes. A majority work in private practice focusing on criminal or civil law.

Law is an integral part of any economy, both public and private practice are involving and have a myriad of opportunities, more so in private sector these include but are not limited to Bankruptcy Lawyer, Business / Corporate Law lawyer, Civil Rights lawyer, Estate Law / Estate Planning, sports and Family & Divorce Lawyer, as a few of the career paths available to individuals who choose pursue Law. Specialization is always advisable as it provides more opportunity.